Finally Created a C++ Library

Not wanting to admit defeat after failing to get Woopsi forced into a proper library distribution, I decided to try with a simpler codebase and get MenuDS built as a library. A considerable amount of time later, and I’ve succeeded!

Once I’d figured out that I was better off using a makefile from a PALib example as my starting point, instead of the MenuDS makefile (taken from the VC++ template, which breaks hopelessly every time I try to modify it), I actually got the code to compile using a “make” command. Trying to convince the MenuDS demo to work with the library was even more time consuming, mainly because the error that I thought meant “cannot find includes” actually meant “you forgot to include the .o files in the archive, you eejit”.

I might tidy the code up, document it all, and then SourceForge it.