Auto-Disable Gobble Comments

Here’s a neat new feature added to Gobble a couple of weeks ago: comments can be automatically disabled when a post reaches a certain age. I’ve enabled it in this blog and spam has dropped from a few dozen comments a day to zero.

I need to tidy it up a little. At present, it looks like comments are still enabled until you click through to the post itself. I couldn’t get my initial plan working, probably because I’m pushing the templating system too far. Also, I switched to a singleton for the config settings, which might not have been the best way to implement it.


Theme Update

I keep an eye on Steve’s blog. He provided the original code to remove Woopsi’s dependency on PALib, for which I remain grateful. Anyhoo, he recently installed a swanky new theme called “Inove”. It’s something I’ve been after for a while: a clean, readable, two-column layout. I’ve stolen it, added a little more monkey to it, and installed it on this site.