Woopsi Version 2 Ideas #4 and Subversion Updates

I’ve updated the Subversion repository with some bugfixes. Nothing particularly exciting, so no new distribution yet. Bugfixes are:

  • Screens can now be the active gadget
  • The system can now only have one active gadget at a time (previously, each screen could have an active window)
  • Doubled the speed of active window switching (system was redrawing twice)
  • Lid events now sent to all gadgets
  • Pad input re-enabled
  • Fixed null pointer crashes if no active gadget was available in some events
  • Replaced mario picture with Simian Zombie logo
  • Added handleFocus() and handleBlur() events
  • Misc other minor fixes

Another version 2 idea - interfaces described by XML files, that Woopsi automatically loads, parses, and turns into functional GUIs. Means writing a basic XML parser, which is a job and a half when you’re used to working with real strings instead of char arrays, but it would make interface creation easier. Not sure how it’d work with wiring up events, though.