So Long, DigitalOcean

I’ve been running this blog on FreeBSD since I switched from Ubuntu back in September 2020. FreeBSD has been great: it’s easier to configure, it’s easier to find correct documentation, there are fewer processes running by default, and I can get a new server up and running in a much shorter amount of time than I ever could with Ubuntu.

You can imagine my disappointment when DigitalOcean - my host since I switched to my own blogging engine in 2013 - emailed to say that they are “Phasing out creation of FreeBSD droplets”.

I had a choice to make: FreeBSD or DigitalOcean? I can’t have both.

It didn’t take much deliberation to decide that I’d rather use FreeBSD on another host than switch back to Linux.

I found an alternative VPS host that offered FreeBSD (vultr.com). It took me maybe an hour and a half to go from reading the email to having the site running on the new host. I made the switch 2 months ago, and everything is going well so far.