Simplifying the API Part 5

More tidying up and throwing away. A while ago I altered the TextBox so that it would scroll to follow the cursor. The code worked but it was ugly, and the scrolling effect was ugly too. The text was always aligned to the left of the textbox, so if the cursor scrolled to the right partial characters would appear on the right-hand side of the box. What a user would expect to happen is see the characters on the right aligned nicely whilst the characters on the left were partially visible. I ripped out the existing code and replaced it with a much improved system.

I’ve removed the “_padding” variable from the Label, Requester, FileRequester and Alert classes. This variable was used to force the gadgets’ children to leave a border between themselves and the real gadget border. I’ve replaced it with the newly improved border code. Related to this, a number of gadgets have improved and simplified drawing routines.

Finally, I’ve added a new set of XOR drawing routines. These accept a colour parameter to XOR against, allowing for more interesting XOR effects.