mbmax on 2012-05-28 at 11:50 said:

Hey ! Thanks for this new update Ant.

As i’m here, do you plan to join the feOS project to port your great woopsi GUI on it ? :)

Ant on 2012-05-31 at 15:06 said:

Nope, sorry. My original sentiments about DS homebrew still stand. There’s no audience for DS homebrew now. I finished EarthShaker mainly because I don’t like leaving things half-done.

I was briefly interested in developing for the GameGadget, a Dingoo-like handheld manufactured by Blaze (of cheapo Mega Drive clone fame) that offered an iTunes-style retro game store. However, the launch has been such a debacle that I wouldn’t touch one if they paid me. The store doesn’t work, the launch was delayed, the software doesn’t work and the company apparently has no idea how to license video games for inclusion in their store. That’s the sort of thing that you’d typically try to figure out before you release a console that’s useless with an empty store. They’re now berating their own customers for complaining that they bought a big, steaming turd.

I then looked at developing for a hardware GBA clone by “K-Team”, but it’s almost impossible to get hold of outside of China. The Pandora team bit off far more than they could chew and now their hardware is outdated as well as being hugely expensive (plus where’s the fun in developing for what’s basically a small Linux computer?). I’m hoping that the GCW Zero turns out to be something special, but the truth is that I’m having tremendous fun writing iOS applications.