Happy Birthday - Woopsi 0.31 Released

The blog is one year old today.


I was going to pontificate about the various things that have happened here since the blog began, but then realised that no-one cares.


Instead, I’ve put together a new release of Woopsi.


That’s the three cheers out the way. Woopsi 0.31 is available from the usual SourceForge location: Woopsi’s SourceForge Page

Summarised changes in this version are:

  • Methods inlined
  • Destructors made private
  • Numerous bugfixes
  • Refactored active/focused system
  • Refactored visible/invisible system
  • Context menu
  • Provision for proportional fonts
  • Bonus folder containing various extra classes
  • A considerable amount of doxygen-generated documentation (absolutely everything but the skinned classes)
  • ScrollingTextbox class
  • Various other changes

There are a few changes since the last SVN update/blog post. The scrollbars are getting ever more accurate. It looks like the inaccuracy now is small and consistent, which means I’m slowly eradicating all of the bugs. I’ve gone through all of the classes (not skinned) and added javadoc comments to absolutely everything. Lastly, the context menu class is finished. It resizes itself correctly, and adjusts its position to stay within the confines of the DS’ screen.

As always, back up your projects before you upgrade.


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