More Tidying


More tidying today. I wanted to move the slideshow code into a subdirectory within the main “source” folder. Seems easy enough - move the files, change the include in main.cpp to “slideshow/slideshow.h”, try to compile. Doesn’t work.

More tedious researching and tinkering. Finally discover, not from Googling but by mucking about with the makefile, that all I need to do is add the subfolder to the “SOURCES:=” line. I’ve now got a tidy project.

Back to coding. I’ve made the slideshow detect whether or not it needs to re-initialise the display based on whether or not the next image to show matches the bit depth of the previous image. It also switches off the crossfader when dealing with 8-bit images, so 8-bit images can now be dropped into a 16-bit slideshow with no negative effects.

Started work on the menu system now that the slideshow is done. However, after working out which classes I needed I got sidetracked with the idea of a text scroller - it’d go at the bottom of the menu in a thin horizontal strip. Unfortunately the PALib text functions can only position text in a grid system, which means I’ve got no choice but to implement my own from scratch if I want smooth-scrolling text.