Random Thoughts

(Written 09/04/2007)

Not much done today. Just spent a few minutes changing the menu so that if you click a button and drag the stylus off it, then drag the stylus back on again, the button remembers that it has been clicked and shows the highlighted image again. I had a thought yesterday - what’s the interface standard for buttons? Do they respond immediately to the down event, or do they wait for the release event (the way I’ve done it)? A quick check of the BIOS menu suggests that I’ve got it right.

Stuff that needs doing after I’ve written the game, whilst I think about it:

  • High score table/high score saving;
  • Web interaction (version checking, etc);
  • Title screen music;
  • Attract sequence.

When pausing, I thought it might be neat to play the original Game Boy “dit-dit dit-dit” pause sound. Might try and work the Konami cheat in somewhere, too.