Menu System Released

The menu system is now in a state where I’m fairly happy with it, so I’ve decided to slap a GPL licence on it and release it. It doesn’t do everything I wanted - transitions and animated buttons are the most obvious omissions - but it will suffice for a first release, and it’s perfect for Defender. I made a handful of amendments just before releasing it:

  • Disabled stylus interaction if the menu is being displayed on the top screen;
  • Tidied up menu and button creation, so that the bitmap objects are created inside them - this saves huge amounts of setup code;
  • Improved the destructors so that the whole shebang is deleted properly;
  • Wrote some documentation (which, now that I read it through again, has some stupid copy-and-paste mistakes in it).

Excitingly, the news of the first demo release made it onto a site called “Moddz” - it’s not one I’ve seen before, but I believe this net recognition makes me an Official DS Homebrew Coder. Huzzah! The site’s here:


Anyway, I’m off t’pub for a well-earned drink.