Can you tell what it is yet?

Defender DS Screenshot - Landers, Mountains and Scanner

Quite a few new things done today. Split the classes out into separate files as the main.cpp file was getting unwieldy. Got stumped briefly by the recursive dependency include problem, and had to read my own blog in order to work out how to fix it. I knew there was a good reason for keeping a development diary.

I’ve added a Sprite class, which handles things like positioning and animation. Most of that is handled rather well by PALib, so my class is really just a wrapper. Also added a Lander class, which is the first enemy I’m going to work on.

Other bits added are sprite wrapping (which I need to integrate into the class at some point), so that the sprites wrap around the playfield if they scroll off the end, and some keypad integration (so that I could move the lander and playfield around and see if the scrolling and wrapping was working properly.