New Logo!

Noj has finished updating the Simian Zombie logo. I’ve now got a superb cartoon monkey zombie to use as part of the intro sequence for Defender DS. I’m just not sure about how to arrange the whole logo, though. Noj sent over a couple of arrangements, one with blue text (that was a little dark) and one with Inca-esque cracked orange text that’s pretty good, but difficult to squeeze into the DS’ screens. I’ve played with different arrangements, and come to the conclusion that the logo must fit on a single screen - stretching any bitmap over the two screens looks a bit crap.

So, here are the ideas so far:

Noj's Logo #1 This is the first arrangement by Noj (above)

Noj's Logo #2 Second arrangement by Noj (above)

Ant's Logo #1 First arrangement by Ant (above)

Ant's Logo #2 Second arrangement by Ant (above)

Ant's Logo #3 Third arrangement by Ant (above)

I quite like the third one - it incorporates bits of the existing “slash” logo from the main website/the occasional Flash game I’ve done, such as the two-tone text, the font and the colour scheme (black, white and blue). It also uses Noj’s layout idea (text at top and left) with a few adjustments - the most important of which is moving the “zombie” text in a bit closer to reduce the size of the image. The DS’ resolution is 256x192, so there isn’t much space to waste. Okay, there are a few obvious problems with it - why the big blue box? What’s that all about? Why doesn’t the text cast a shadow when the monkey does? The answer to these is: I have no idea, it just looks good the way it is. For posterity, here is Noj’s original concept drawing:

Noj's Concept Drawing