Defender WiFi

Don’t think I’ve noted down why I’m looking into adding WiFi features to Defender DS. I’m thinking of adding a “Network” option to the main menu, which will contain:

  • A “News” button, which lists any recent news about Defender DS. It’ll just fetch a text file from this web server (I’ll need to write a text viewer);
  • A “Version Check” button that’ll compare the current version with the latest version (again fetched from a text file on the server) and notify the player if their version is out of date.

As I noted before, web-based high scores are out because the source will be open. The same will go for online multiplayer - there’s no fool-proof way to prevent someone from downloading the source, altering it so that their ship is invulnerable, recompiling it and then joining an online two-player game. That’s a shame, because in a two-player co-op game I might stand a chance of getting past level 3.