Humans now implemented. I’d never noticed that the humans in the Blitz game were animated and could move around on their own. The humans in my remake now do the same thing. One clever thing the Blitz code did was re-use the mountain data to position the humans. If a human is at x co-ordinate 12, for example, we can extract the y position from the mountain data array simply by feeding in the x position (ie. y = mountainData[x]). Add a small number onto that value (so that the humans don’t overlap the mountain line) and they’ll happily march along just below the line defined by the mountains. Now I need to get the lander/human pickup code working.


Human search code for landers written, so landers can now choose a human and go find it. Never noticed that the landers also follow the contours of the mountains, either. Problems with the code that I need to fix:

  • When lander arrives at human, it jitters back and forth above it;
  • Need to use x and y values multiplied by 10 to emulate fractional increases (screws up the changes I made earlier in using the bitmask wrapping on sprites, but there’s not much I can do about that).

Think I’ve spotted a bug in the original game, too - if you shoot the human a lander is carrying, it doesn’t reset to “searching” status, so it carries on ascending until it turns into a mutant. Screenshot of the current game:

Defender DS Screenshot - Humans