Mutants and Bugs

Landers now get converted into mutants when they ascend off-screen. I hit a bit of a snag with the mutants - in the original game, the mutants use the palette cycling effect instead of animation. I had to alter the palette cycling routine so that it was possible to manipulate sprite palettes as well as background palettes (the two are apparently separate).

That was tricky enough (not modifying the code, that was easy; the difficult bit was working out that the PALib works with the two palettes as completely separate entities). Finally got it working in DeSmuME. Fantastic. Try it on real hardware.

Doesn’t work.

Try it in No$GBA and it doesn’t work there either, so I tried it on my original DS and it still doesn’t work. No idea what the problem is, but after testing it with a very simple example that comes with the PALib I’ve concluded that I’ve come across another PALib bug. Submitted the bug to the forum, but I’m now stuck with broken palette cycling until it’s fixed.