Linux Gone!

The last episode in the tedious Linux saga. Finally got Parallels to work. It’s taken four and a half hours from getting the OS to boot (which was a massive job in itself) to getting Windows running in a VM. After all that, Parallels is far, far too slow to be even remotely usable in Linux. I don’t think it’s my hardware - a 2.8GHz Sempron is still a reasonable processor, and when running VMWare in Windows it does an excellent job of virtualising Linux.

So. Waste of time then, eh? Back to Windows tomorrow.


michael on 2007-06-22 at 02:03 said:

Microsoft fanboy.

ant on 2007-06-22 at 08:55 said:

I’m a fan of anything that doesn’t take two days to install. Actually, I generally loathe Microsoft products, which is why I switched my desktop machine to a Mac, stuck with Pegasus Mail instead of Outlook (when I had a Windows desktop), use Firefox instead of IE and use a text editor instead of Word.

Can’t fault SQL Server or Visual Studio, though.