Inversion of Control Pattern

Unrelated to the coding I do at home, I’ve been looking into .NET frameworks. I’m not a fan of frameworks at all - they mostly seem designed for VB monkeys who can’t code for toffee unless they’re forced to follow a particular design pattern. Great for consistency; hopeless for efficiently-designed software, and endlessly frustrating for anyone who does actually know what they’re doing.

Anyhoo, whilst reading up on these things I came across the “Inversion of Control” (IoC) pattern. Despite there being hundreds of jargon-filled websites about this pattern and even entire frameworks dedicated to supporting it, it boils down to creating all child objects outside of the main object, then passing the children in via the main object’s constructor.

The sheer amount of technobabble written about this design pattern reminds me of my days as a Film Studies MPhil student. All film academics seem to suffer from an inferiority complex, and they fill their books with horrendous amounts of meaningless pseudo-intellectual techno-gibberish to compensate.

The IoC pattern, in fact, seems to be an impressive-sounding name for something that is patently obvious; it’s a solution desperately in search of a problem.


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