WindowSystemDS Progress

I had a chance to have another play with my window system this evening, and made some more progress. First of all, I’ve improved the TextWriter8Bit class a little - it now accepts a clipping rectangle in its draw functions, so that it can be forced to only output text within a certain box. Button text can no longer stray outside the boundary of the button.

This upgrade was part of another development - I’ve modified the TextViewer class from TextViewerDS so that it now functions as a gadget within the windowing system. It gives me a gadget that contains scrollable text. The change was fairly simple - I just had to strip out the dual-screen support and modify the DMA and text output routines to work within the gadget’s bounding box rather than the entire touchscreen.

To celebrate, here’s a demo to download:

WindowSystemDS Demo

Here’s a screenshot. Unfortunately I’ve had to delete the screenshot from the previous post because (gnnk) WordPress overwrote the previous file without informing me that a file with the same name already existed or that it was about to replace it. Bug, anyone?

Window System Demo Screenshot