Woopsi Sourcecode Released

The sourcecode is now available from this page:


I’ve uploaded two different versions of the archive - one for VC++, and one for Visual HAM. The archives are identical except that one’s built for VC and the other’s built for VHAM. As most people seem to use VHAM, I thought it’d help people get started easier if I targeted that IDE too.

There are a few things to note. First of all, I’ve released Woopsi under the BSD licence. That means you can do pretty much anything you want with the sourcecode - modify it, sell it, distribute it in binary and/or source form, etc. The only real constraint is that you distribute the copyright and licence information included in my archive along with Woopsi or anything that derives from Woopsi.

I’ve spent a bit of time on the documentation, which you can find in the “docs” folder in both distributions. It’s not very in-depth yet, but it should help you get started at least. You can also view the documentation online by clicking on the “Woopsi” link under “Pages” in the right-hand navigation of this page.

I’ve set up a phpBB forum with a Woopsi section here:


That’s probably the best place to go if you need help with the system.