Woopsi Logo

Had an idea for a Woopsi logo, so dug out Photoshop and put something together quickly. This is the new Woopsi logo (until I come up with something better):

Woopsi Logo

It’s got DS elements to it (the twin boxes) and Amiga elements (the cracktro-esque gradient on the text, and the Workbench-style pointer), plus it’s got the Simian Zombie Blue in there, too.

One bug I’ve found in Woopsi that you might encounter involves the SuperBitmap. For some reason, the DS doesn’t like the way I delete the internally allocated bitmap memory in the setBitmap() function. I’ve now changed the class so that this is all handled in a new constructor. Depending on which constructor is called, the SuperBitmap will either allocate internal memory or will use an external pointer. It can’t switch between the two states.

The reason I encountered the bug was that I decided to allow SuperBitmaps to be added to instances of the Screen class, which lets me have desktop backgrounds. Here’s a screenshot:

Woopsi Backdrop

I’ll update the source archives eventually.