Documentation Versioning

I’ve added the HTML documentation into the SVN repository. Version control of the docs might turn out to be useful. These documents are the ones from woopsi.sourceforge.net, but they’re more up to date with extra bits.

Another thing I forgot in the last post. I’ve fixed the XOR rectangle problem overlapping onto screens above the active screen. Not fixed as such, just reduced. The lines no longer get left on the screen. I’ve come up with a complete solution to the problem (get the screen to draw the lines instead of the window, and use the standard clipping techniques), but I quite like the way that you can see where a window is getting moved to even if it’s behind an overlapping screen. Any thoughts?

One more thing. Am I right in thinking that Woopsi is the first windowing system to have been developed exclusively for a console? (The CD32 doesn’t count, as that was just an A1200 in a different box.)