Random DS Ideas

A mixed bag of ideas for DS software that are floating around my head at the moment.

Graphic adventure engine. I think I’ve still got the GRAC2 sourcecode somewhere; if not, I could probably nab it off EWC if he’s still got it. It occurred to me that if I get an animation class ready for Woopsi, and work in a gadget with transparent regions, I’ve got the complete graphics and input system already built. Control panel is just a borderless window with a superbitmap over the top as a skin. BitmapButtons handle the control buttons. Each element on the main display can be a separate SuperBitmap gadget. I get z-sorting for free. I’d just need to brush up on my AMOS, port the remaining sections of the GRAC player code (software sprite scaling, walkzones, script engine), and write a decompression routine or two.

Some sort of shoot-em-up in which the d-pad controls a flying sprite, and the X/Y/A/B buttons control a driving sprite. Like SWIV, but one player controls both vehicles, with some puzzle elements (certain sections have to be cleared by one before the other can catch up, etc). I saw a video the other day of a guy playing a two-player game of Ikaruga on his own, which gave me the idea. Autofire would be a must. There might be something I could do with the shoulder buttons to link the two vehicles together, Sonic Crackers-style. Not sure yet.

Tetris, using Woopsi as its display/input engine. Could probably write that one in a few hours even with Woopsi in its current state - just use the SuperBitmap as a display.

SameGame, using Woopsi gadgets as the tiles. Might need some tinkering with Woopsi, as gadget lists are currently unsigned bytes (ie. max 256 child gadgets per window) - might need increasing to shorts.


Jeff on 2007-11-30 at 04:01 said:

I’d like to see a ‘Solitaire Engine’.

ie, a set of classes to layer on top of Woopsi that gave you a desktop and a deck of cards that responded to click/drag operations. There are a bazillion alternatives to Solitaire but they all tend to reduce down to ‘foundations, a deal-deck, individual cards’

There is a source to a Spider here http://jt0.org/projects/spidersolitaire but thats a single game - modifying it to do different rules is probably possible, but its built directly on libnds, not PAlib and thus its that much hard to (a) understand (b) modify.

What I’d really like to see, of course, is a list Gadget for displaying high scores ;-)