Parallels Problems and VMWare Fusion

Parallels has been absolutely awful in Leopard. As a whole, I’m not having much success with the new OS; my Mac is now considerably less stable than the Lenovo Thinkpad I use for work, which is something I’d never have imagined I’d say back when I had Tiger installed. I’d roll back to Tiger now if it weren’t for the fact that Time Machine is probably the best thing to happen to operating systems since the invention of the mouse.

Parallels has kernel panicked my Mac twice in the past half an hour, and the latest beta version doesn’t seem to have improved things. It doesn’t look as though the (rather large) list of remaining problems will get fixed particularly speedily, so I’m prepared to write off Parallels for the foreseeable future. I’m downloading the evaluation version of VMware Fusion instead. Converting from Parallels to VMWare should just be a question of dragging the VM into the Importer application and waiting a few minutes, which sounds good to me. If the DS emulators work in VMWare I might actually be able to get some coding done today.


First impressions. VMWare runs palpably faster than Parallels. Both DeSMuMe and No$GBA work fine. Woopsi is much easier to use in VMWare - DeSMuMe regularly forgets that you’re holding the mouse down under Parallels; no such problem in VMWare.

WinUAE is difficult to use in VMWare - it captures the Windows mouse but doesn’t capture the Mac mouse, so if you move the mouse too far you’re back in OSX-space again. Parallels fixed this a while ago. Mouse tracking speed is also off, which was (until recently) a problem with Parallels, too. Performance is great. Smoother than WinUAE under Parallels.

I think that’s all I really use Windows for - WinUAE, DS emulation and Visual Studio.


Jeff on 2007-12-02 at 22:03 said:

You do know that DesMume is available native for OSX, don’t you? Its not terribly mature, the guy doing the Cocoa port really didn’t bother using Interface Builder or Cocoa at all so its Recent menu doesn’t work, etc.

ant on 2007-12-02 at 22:38 said:

Yep, but it won’t work for me in Leopard. Even when I was using Tiger, testing in OSX DeSMuMe meant copying files around and fiddling instead of just hitting a shortcut in VC++.

Jeff on 2007-12-03 at 09:36 said:

Try this universal one I prepared earlier :)


My debug cycle goes roughly, ‘make’, switch to Desmume, ‘Clover-O’, re-select the .nds file

ant on 2007-12-03 at 10:41 said:

Fantastic, that version works! Thanks!

Jeff on 2007-12-03 at 11:17 said:

Yeah, as I recall, I rebuilt it from the sources - I think there were problems linking to the OpenGL libraries or some such.

One of these days I should get around to doing a proper Cocoa app for it.

Sigh, another task to get distracted from…