Time for Another Release

There’s another screenful of changes in the changelog, so it’s about time for another release. It should be up on SourceForge some time before the end of the day.

A few more changes today. Some minor refactoring - the Gadget class no longer has a drawIntBorder() routine; that’s now been absorbed by the GraphicsPort as a pair of drawBevelledRect() functions. In order to support this, the gadget has a few more getters - getXXXColour(), getOutlineType() and isBorderless().

Woopsi now has an AnimButton class - essentially the same idea as the BitmapButton, except this class has a pair of embedded Animation objects. One is shown when the button is in the “normal” state, and one is shown when the button is in the “clicked” state. The gadget exposes the animation objects, so all of the usual animation functions (speed, loop type, etc) are available. I’ve added a test animbutton to the demo.

I’ve changed the way that PALib support is enabled. Instead of mucking about with defines, the developer just needs to use the appropriate makefile. The define is set using a compile flag. Thanks to Jeff for the suggestion.

Last change of the day - the ROM now has a proper icon instead of the old PALib one. Here’s a (static, therefore rather pointless) grab of the new animbutton:

Woopsi AnimButton