Blimey - Someone Using Woopsi?

Found this in the referrer logs:


I’m guessing that this is the same chap who wants unicode support, and I can see why - there are apparently over 6,000 glyphs in Kanji alone (standard Kanji - there are upwards of 50,000 in the non-standard set), and Japanese has two other writing systems to cater for.

In any event, there’s another Woopsi user out there. The text might be entirely negative - the only Japanese I know comes from Bleach - but I shall assume that it’s a positive article. Here’s two great quotes from Google’s (typically awful) translation of the text:

“energetic talent available in parabolic phase” “occult power multi obtained”

Either of those would make a great tagline for Woopsi:

Woopsi: Occult power multi obtained.


Steven on 2007-12-16 at 16:56 said:

Well according to some quick translations from Japanese, Chineese (Simp) and Chineese (trad) that text is in simplified Chineese, and has something to do with gynocology :D

here’s the main text:

In officially starts gynecology department NTFrontend to DS on before, certainly must first find the GUI storehouse which may use, like this only then possibly puts the energy in the correlation design and the FAT visit. After originally prearranges is the plan carefully reads Moonshell the source code to use its ready-made GUILib and the Font support (although DSO and so on also all has alone issues Lib), but the moonlight big code really has suffices the tadpole, moreover quantity also many, in addition it only based on devkitPro and the libnds storehouse, compares with seal higher PAlib, needs to make “the primitive movement” excessively to be many… By now before has already paid attention project these days authors are sudden “reactivating”, renewed two editions, but also has opened svn and the main page on SF. This project is Woopsi ??may say on DS the window system (the attention is not “Windows”…) This GUI storehouse contact surface aspect although simulates is classical Amiga machine, but personally thought uses on DS very appropriate, because the fundamental element likes the screen object, the window object, the text, the picture, the label, the button control and so on all is and Windows same (only is calls law to be different), moreover similarly has “the multi- duties”, but also has the closure, the Z axis cut, about the screen cut button and so on, enormous has used the limited demonstration space on the DS small screen, and cuts conveniently, quickly. In addition this project was specially for other development development contact surface structures, so long as the author also strives in the project, this kind of foundation engineering compares Moonshell which already finalized to have to have the potential many. Moreover the code completely uses C object-oriented to program, use SDK is PAlib, the source code readability also is much stronger. What a pity now the most major problem is because of the author nationality relations, wanted him to pay attention to the internationalization is not too is possible with the Asian language support (to have a look DSOrganize the situation to be allowed to know orz) if really had to use this storehouse also to have own to expand the Font support. At present temporarily first uses for to make the E article, uses as far as possible the expression level the connection ??, later need trades when GUILib also may not need completely to rewrite… First practices ?? said again that, on the map-read the DS demonstration information content is limited, first brings the DEMO in calculator and Pong collects to count -v-

This is the text from the end of the last link to the smilie face translated from simplified chineese:

(Regarding new 0.27 this documents serious offense when -_-b)

Finally can not but raise… Today possible company coding too to have been tired, the post article midway unexpectedly was resting, originally planned this document was 11 saying… Had not thought… Unexpectedly is 12 0 0 minute… Big ?

I’d say that’s a positive post, but he does question the limited use outside of English speaking countries. (and this is the third attempt to post this since it contains both english and non-english text)

ant on 2007-12-16 at 17:04 said:

No prob, deleted the other dupes.

Your interpretation seems accurate. He’s mostly positive, but finds the lack of unicode vexing. Of course, commercial DS titles can get around the problem by using the full 4GB ROM space of the DS. We homebrewers aren’t quite so lucky.

sin_sin on 2007-12-17 at 13:35 said:

:D Yeh, it’s my post, and finally has been found… My opinion is positive, of course, ‘cause I really like Woopsi since I’ve found it and its demo at the beginning of this year. (will be last year soon :P)

Although I’m a newbie on DS programming, I’ve understood that at last problem always becomes the lack of Ram for DS…Perhaps we are unlucky and fonts like NFTR used by commercial game (or translators :P) will not belong to homebrewers… But we just need to put 2-bit font included and styleize the rendering, memory usage of 6 or 50 thouand characters should be acceptable. (9,000 is enough for Simp.Chinese+Trad.Chinese+Japanese) In fact, the famous homebrew I mentioned: Moonshell, archived 65,000+ chars in its font binary (most of UTF-16&UTF-8 chars supported, of course). However, I’m too lazy to read off all his sources and I’d like to take a change for another implement. :D I believe there should be more guys using or to use Woopsi regardless Unicode supports or not~