A Great Idea, Rescued

Woopsi, running natively on the Mac, using SDL for IO:


Yeah, OK - it’s green. SDL uses 32-bit colour, and Woopsi uses 16-bit. I just need to sort the bitmasking/bitshifting out and it’ll all be fine. The mouse is already set up as a stylus substitute. VBLs seem to be working (although I haven’t coded in any wait code - I’m not sure how that’s working). Keyboard events need wiring up.

All of this required:

  • A new “nds.h” file that substitutes for libnds;
  • Another set of functions in “woopsifuncs.h” and “woopsifuncs.cpp” within an “#ifdef USING_SDL” block;
  • A complete reinstall of OSX Leopard.

I can’t change a compile flag and build for SDL, because I’m targeting a completely different platform with this version. However, I can just copy the source out of the standard Woopsi DS project into an OSX SDL project and recompile it, and have a native, debug-able version running with no effort at all.


Jeff on 2007-12-24 at 02:33 said:

Impressive effort. Ok, I guess I can see that as a way to debug Woopsi itself, its a good one, though its not going to find problems like your DMA_Force() one.

And its not really going to help me, because libfat and libwifi aren’t going to work without a lot more effort. But anything that improves your framework development speed has to be a good thing…