In Expectation of Shameless Self Promotion

I had an idea for an iPod-style Woopsi Youtube video that shows off some of Woopsi’s features. I’d need to write some more demos and get some more functionality in before I could do it, but the idea was basically to have a screencap movie of Woopsi running in an emulator, possibly interspersed with text, with a cheesy audio track running over the top. The audio needed to be something related to the windowing theme, so I figured that an upbeat remix of George Formby’s “When I’m Cleaning Windows” would do the job.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have an upbeat remix of that tune.

Fortunately, it’s out of copyright. At least, it is in England; in America, with their hopelessly mangled copyright laws (thanks in part to Sonny Bono and, ironically, Disney, who built a business out of appropriating public domain works and feeding them back to the public in nice packaging with a price tag), Formby will probably never go out of copyright.

Anyway, armed with a shiny new copy of Logic Express, an MP3 of the original tune and some loops I decided to have a go at remixing the tune into a 1-minute long snatch of music. Here’s the result:

When I’m Cleaning Windows Remix

It’s nowhere near perfect, but it does the job. It might turn up on a Woopsi promo video at some point.