Giving Fedora a Try

Bang on cue, almost 7 months to the day, my fileserver’s installation of Windows has gone wrong again.

In time-honoured tradition, I’m giving another version of Linux a go before I reinstall Windows (note the lack of expectations). Last time I tried Ubuntu, which was unusual for a Linux distro in that it wasn’t really a desktop OS yet wasn’t great as a server OS either. This time I’m trying Fedora, which was my favourite Linux distro a few years a go - I had it set up as a dual-boot on my laptop with Windows for a while.


Scratch that.

Pulling the new network card I put in makes it work again. I think that the cheap motherboard I used when building it has a really bad PCI controller, because I’ve had similar problems before. Swapping the PCI graphics card for an AGP card seems to fix the problem. Now I’ve just got to deal with the fact that NetGear has shipped a broken driver with their card.


Nope, it’s not a broken driver; Windows is actually screwed. Fedora it is, then.