Aged Websites

First of all, Woopsi work is currently on pause until March due to other commitments (to be revealed later, if all goes to plan). Now, back to the point of this post.

I was trying to get hold of a MIDI I wrote years ago. I knew that I could find it on my first website, the bizarrely-named “Green Tentacle Pizza”. You can tell it got its name back in the 90s; you can also tell from this site that I still choose domain names like it’s 1996. Anyway, it turns out that Tiscali have deleted the site.

The swines.

I’m not particularly bothered - it’s always annoyed me that the site was hosted by a nasty free webhost rather than the swanky server that I’ve got now.

Fortunately I had a backup of the whole thing, so it can now be found here:


There are a few things to note about the site before you wonder exactly what I was thought I was doing when I made it:

  • It was designed about 8 years ago, with the specific intention of working in 640x480 on an 8-bit Amiga screen
  • The content is anywhere up to 14 years old (as I was when I first put the earliest stuff together)

There are still a few links still pointing at the old site that I’ll fix eventually.