Giving up the Distraction

The work I’ve been doing on my side project has ground to a complete stop. I had a couple of weeks of really good progress, but since I got the proof-of-concept working I’ve had no motivation at all to continue it. Coupled with the fact that I’ve been far too busy to do much coding anyway, I’ve done no work on it for over two weeks now.

Dunk said to me the other week, “You’ve put in loads of effort and now you’re not even going to finish it! I bet you don’t even submit it.” “I will,” I said.

I won’t. He’s going to be smug now.

The plan was to write a simple GP2X game for the latest PDRoms coding project - it had to use just four colours and be done in a month (deadline since extended by a week). I went for what should have been a feasible project but just lost interest, and I don’t think it’s really in a state where it can be submitted for consideration.

On the positive side, I’m pleased with the way the code hangs together. It should be easy for someone to pick up and finish it off, or use the code as the basis for something else. I’ve been writing blog posts about my progress, so I’ll post these up here now.