The Secret Posts - Further Still

(Written 03/02/2008)

In a bid to get all of the graphics and basic objects into the game, I’ve made “Plane1”, “Plane2” and “Shield” classes. I’ve created a set of cloud bitmaps that will function as the backdrop. That represents a fair chunk of the graphics I’ve done so far. Just the HUD and powerups to go.

I need to change the name of the game to “Chroma-X”. I showed the graphics to Noj, who pointed out that he read the name as “Chromax”, which sounds like a dubious prescription-only treatment for an especially unpleasant ailment.

Ideas for other enemies:

  • A biplane
  • One of those planes that has two tail sections joined to a single aerofoil
  • A curvy thing that looks like one of the new Cylon raiders from that telly program