The Secret Posts - We Have Uh-Oh

(Written 17/02/2008)

It’s been a week since the last entry. It’s also been a week since I had any time for coding. From being well ahead of schedule, I’m now a week behind.

Uh oh.

Ah well. New stuff:

  • Score and high score are now drawn to the display;
  • Clouds are implemented in the background (sorted by vertical speed to give a parallax effect);
  • All of the mission text bitmaps are in and working;
  • The Level class has placeholders for all levels, and level switching works;
  • Each level changes the grey colour used in the initial palette to a new colour, so the colour-based level name idea I had back in the 5th post works (it’s also permitted by the contest rules - I checked);
  • Collisions between the chopper and enemies/enemy bullets;
  • Delay between player dying and the next chopper appearing;
  • Game over screen;
  • Title screen;
  • Bit of optimisation by reducing the number of particles in the smoke trail and reducing the width of the rect that gets updated every loop to the size of the playfield (was previously the whole screen).

The title screen isn’t quite what I wanted. It’s similar, but I wanted more movement. A flashing “Press Start” would have been good, as would animated rotors on the helicoper.

It’s now obvious that I’m going to have to strip out ideas. The essentials that must get done by the end of the month are (in order):

  • Quit option on title screen;
  • Life display;
  • Powerups;
  • More cannon engines;
  • More movement patterns;
  • Level definitions;
  • More sound samples.

Things that just aren’t going to happen:

  • End of level/mid level bosses;
  • Alternative weapons/attack styles;
  • More enemy sprites;
  • High score table;
  • Music.