Some Chroma-X Feedback

I’ve been looking around at a few sites that have posted the news of Chroma-X’s release. Not that much has really been released, at least in terms of a playable game. And yes, I read my own press. I have no shame.

The most interest seems to be on GP32 Spain, which has a huge four (count ‘em) posts about the game in its forum. It’s quite a good site - it’s generally quicker to post news than GP32x, but it has the disadvantage of being in Spanish. The only way I can read it is to look for words that have the same Latin root as words in English and try to guess at the context. That or google’s language tools/Babel fish.

Anyhoo, I wouldn’t bother mentioning it if it weren’t for this comment (ably translated by google):

Congratulations to the author! I love the aesthetic movement, graphics, right out on the screen the words “Game Over”.

So far so good. That’d be a quote for the box (“Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!” - Richard Darling’s dad) but this is the best bit:

Moreover, the code is very clear and structured, is a good source of learning.

Tidy, understandable code was one of my main aims with the project, hence all of the javadoc comments, so it’s nice to know that I achieved one of the goals.

Incidentally, the only way I could get to that comment at all was to sign up as the dashing “alberto556” via an obfuscated Mailinator email address. Preventing “guest” users from viewing posts seems counterproductive to me, as it just means that your database fills up with junk users.


jbrodack on 2008-03-06 at 15:24 said:

I downloaded chroma-x off gp32spain and it seems like the start of a good shmup. very smooth scrolling and moving. Do you intend on finishing it?

ant on 2008-03-06 at 19:02 said:

I’d like to. I’ll probably get back into it eventually; I just wasn’t going to get it remotely ready for the competition.