Javadoc, Const-Correctness and Inlining Continue; Two Requests Filled

More updates to SVN. Not much interesting, just more inlining, Javadoc comments, and const-correctness fixes.

There are two minor updates to fill requests, though. John asked for a getPreferredSize() function a while ago to help him with his automatic layout system. I didn’t manage to get it into the last release, but it’s in SVN now. Almost. Instead of “getPreferredSize()”, which would return a struct with width and height values, I’ve gone for “getPreferredDimensions()”. It populates a rect with data in the same way as the getClientRect() function. I thought that it future-proofs the function to an extent if it returns co-ordinates as well as size data.

Secondly, Jeff’s wanted me to strip the header includes out of woopsi.h for ages now. I’ve moved them all into a new “woopsiheaders.h” file. If you’re upgrading, make sure that you replace any “woopsi.h” includes with “woopsiheaders.h” instead, and your code won’t need any other changes. However, if you want to try and shave a few bytes off, you can include just the headers you need for your project.

EDIT: A quick test reveals that a basic “hello world” app consisting of an AmigaScreen, AmigaWindow and a Textbox is now 237K (without PALib).


ant.simianzombie.com » Blog Archive » Woopsi Examples on 2008-05-23 at 20:17 said:

[…] Incidentally, the “Hello World” example ROM now weighs in at 149K, which is nearly 100K less than its size at the start of April. […]