The Woopsi Plan

I’ve been thinking about the development plan for Woopsi, and what I want to achieve at each stage of development. This is the current plan:


  • Implement all of the version 1 features listed on the SourceForge page.
  • Implement any useful-sounding requests.


  • Bugfix.
  • Write documentation, tutorials, etc.
  • Consider any last-minute feature requests (though not major requests).
  • Fix any glaring architectural problems that become apparent.


  • Bugfix.
  • Write a few programs that use Woopsi to test it.

Version 1

  • ????
  • Profit!

Current ideas for Woopsi systems are:

  • The AmigaGuide reader that was the whole point of the exercise (though I’ve gone off the idea now)
  • WPaint, a simple DPaint clone (I’ve got most of the drawing and animation tools done, so why not?)
  • Asteroids in a Woopsi window (speed test)

(I apologise for the lack of narrative in this post; this is just a brain dump before I forget The Plan.)