Two Discoveries

Two discoveries today. The first is jEnesisDS, a Mega Drive/Genesis emulator for the DS. I tried this a while ago and was disappointed - it was slow and wasn’t particularly compatible. The latest version (0.7) is a massive improvement. Full-speed Sonic, with (occasionally glitchy) sound, and no frameskip. Impressive.

More impressive is the fact that it comes bundled with “ApprenticeMinusDS”, a preview release of a Master System and Game Gear emulator. The author says that he took the Z80 core out of jEnesis, prodded it a bit, and presto! Instant Master System emulator. Blimey.

The second discovery of the day is “Bean”, an OSX word processor. As I hardly ever need to use a word processor these days I’ve only had a quick play with it, but so far it’s excellent. The installer is only 1.6MB and it handles all of the formats I’m interested in, including RTF, Word and ODF.

Get it here: