Woopsi 0.32 Released

Before starting the re-write of the ListBox class I’ve put release 0.32 together. Aside from a compiler warning fix, there’s nothing new in here (code wise) that you won’t have picked up from SVN if you synced yesterday. For everyone who isn’t following the SVN repository, the summarised changes are:

  • General bugfixes and API improvements
  • New proportional fonts classes, and a Python script to create them, thanks to Jeff
  • New show/hide system that does not interfere with gadget z-ordering (the old system is still in there under the names shelve/unshelve)
  • Double-click support
  • All gadgets have modal support
  • Buttons change colour when clicked
  • ProgressBar gadget
  • CycleButton gadget
  • ListBox gadget (still a work-in-progress)
  • Formalised the structure of a Woopsi application (with two “Hello World” examples that illustrate the two suggested structures)
  • Merged SDL code into main DS codebase for greatly simplified maintenance
  • Updated doxygen documents.

As always, this update will break your code. Back everything up before you upgrade so that you can always go back to a working version. If you get stuck, you can always ask for help on the forum.