Two Releases!

Two releases on the same day! OK, so one of them is the same as the other, but with a couple of warnings fixed, but it’s still an Achievement. It’s about time I got around to doing something useful.

There are quite a few fixes not mentioned here before. Windows now get dragged even if only one co-ordinate changes. Previously, they weren’t being dragged if the stylus only moved in one dimension. The screen titlebar no longer steals focus, which is something I keep fixing and then, when something else gets refactored, breaking. The BitmapButton and AnimButton classes now inherit from the Gadget class instead of the Textbox, since they weren’t using any features of the Textbox. I’ve also stopped the Textbox redrawing itself (pointlessly) when it was clicked or released, and moved that code into gadgets that actually need it. Finally, I’ve fixed the tenses used in the lid-related events. “EVENT_LID_CLOSED”, for example, is now “EVENT_LID_CLOSE”. This involved a few trivial name changes, but it made the API more consistent.

In terms of new features, there’s now an “EVENT_ACTION” event (as requested by Jeff in the forum). This gets fired in addition to the “EVENT_RELEASE” when a Button/BitmapButton/AnimButton is released with the stylus within the bounds of the gadget. The CycleGadget raises an “EVENT_VALUE_CHANGE” when it is clicked (if the value has indeed changed - it won’t if there’s only one value to cycle through), and the scrollbar up/down/left/right buttons now cause the grip to move repeatedly if they are held down. I’ve also added makefiles to the two “Hello World” examples so that they can be compiled without mucking about creating dedicated projects or moving files around.

To summarise the changes between this version and the last one:

  • Yet more bugfixes
  • Event system improvements
  • General API improvements
  • Change to the way Woopsi tracks the clicked gadget
  • Standardised way of creating Woopsi apps
  • DevKitPro r23 compatibility
  • ListBox finished
  • ScrollingListBox gadget
  • File requester gadget
  • Dimmed screen gadget
  • Default style class
  • “Hello World” example code
  • Ellipse and filled ellipse drawing added to SuperBitmap gadget

Get the latest version (0.33b) from the usual SourceForge page.