Woopsi 0.35

Woopsi 0.35 is now out. The summarised changes are as follows:

  • Minor API consistency improvements
  • Bugfixes
  • New keyboard gadget
  • Cursor support in the TextBox gadget
  • Several gadgets change their appearance when disabled
  • New timer gadget for simpler VBL-based code
  • More example code
  • Miscellaneous other changes

See the changelog included in the archive for the complete list.

There are a few changes since the last blog post. The WoopsiKeyboard now accepts the flags parameters in its constructor, which is handy. The Label gadget isn’t forced to be borderless - it now follows the usual conventions and can be set to borderless if that is required. Also, the TextBox and Button gadgets aren’t forced to have a border. Whilst on the subject of borders, the TextBox border is now two pixels wide; it is bevelled out and in, to distinguish it from the Label.

Cursor support in the TextBox is now complete. The cursor is visible by default and automatically moves itself within the text based on how the text is being manipulated (ie. calling append() moves the cursor to the end of the string once the concatenation has been done). Clicking a textbox will cause the cursor to jump to the character that was clicked.