Fixes and Examples

Following on from the last post, the Date class now works correctly (as far as I’ve tested). I’ve tidied it up a bit too, and moved most of the code out of the header file and into the cpp file. I’ve also fixed rounding errors in the MultiLineTextBox’s vertical alignment option (centred) - it moves around as you’d expect now. Lastly, the WoopsiString class doesn’t crash if you try to insert text into an empty string. This was causing the demo released the other day to lock up if you deleted all of the text and then pressed a key.

In other news, there are now examples illustrating the use of the Date class and ProgressBar gadget. I’m hoping to get examples done for all of the gadgets, where possible, because they double as unit tests as well as providing guidance for users.

I think it’s about time for another release…

EDIT: Oh, and the cursor in the MultiLineTextBox is hidden by default, now that I’ve got the preliminary work done.