Woopsi 0.37 Released

Woopsi 0.37 is now available from the usual SourceForge location:


The big news this time around is compatibility with devKitPro r24, discussed in the last post. This involved the name change from “DynamicArray” to “WoopsiArray”, so if you’ve used the DynamicArray class for any of your own code (and you probably should, as it’s a lot smaller than the STL vector) you’ll need to do some renaming.

Other fixes include the switch to ints for iterator variables, discussed a while ago, and a bugfix to ListBox::setAllowMultipleSelections().

Oh, and a quick note regarding DeSmuME 0.9 for OSX - the touch screen doesn’t work with either Woopsi 0.37 or 0.35. I know that it’s not Woopsi’s fault, as I’ve tested 0.35 (ie. before the IRQ weirdness introduced by dkp r24) which previously had no problems. I’ve also tested Woopsi 0.37 with the Windows version of DeSmuME 0.9 and it works fine, so I assume something has broken in the OSX port. doesn’t work either, so it must be 0.9 that’s at fault.


…though according to the forums, the problem may be due to an interaction between DeSmuME 0.9 and devKitPro r24. In any case, Woopsi’s not at fault, which is good.


Richard on 2009-01-16 at 22:34 said:

In case you want to know, the latest svn version (r1469) of desmume seems to have fixed the touch input bugs (there have been some IPC FIFO fixes that I guess solved it). This is on Linux, but it's probably a multi-platform thang.