Blog Upgrade - Fantastico to SimpleScripts

Finally got fed up of Fantastico’s diabolically bad release schedule. For some reason known only to the maintainers - if indeed Fantastico is still being updated - the latest version of WordPress available through Fantastico is 2.5.6. The latest stable version of WordPress is 2.7.1, and it has been out for months.

I’ve been putting off the switch because both automated installers change the default install. Swapping between them doesn’t sound too complicated, but I’m too lazy to put the effort in, particularly when I’m using slow web-based database tools. However, Simply have recently released a few scripts to automatically swap from Fantastico to their own platform.


The script doesn’t appear to work properly.


It screwed up the URL, so neither Fantastico nor SimplyScripts could work with the blog any more.

Fortunately I’d made a backup of the files and database before I started, so I:

  • Exported the blog content using WordPress’ “Export” function;
  • Deleted the existing database and files;
  • Created a new install using SimplyScripts;
  • Imported the content using WordPress;
  • Uploaded the wp-content/plugins, wp-content/themes and wp-content/uploads directories via FTP.

The blog is back and working again, and upgraded to the latest WordPress release. The only data I seem to have lost are the list of links (still got them in the DB backup) and the list of other users (99% of whom were spambot accounts anyway).

Lessons learned:

  • Backup before you start;
  • Fantastico is rubbish.