Woopsi 0.38 Released!

It’s been about 4 months since the last release, so it’s about time. Changes include the usual mix of bugfixes, many of which were patched by Quirky. Nothing new to report here.

New features include the complete overhaul of the event system, explained over a few posts a while ago; some optimisation, particularly of the clipping system; and the scroll() and copy() methods in the GraphicsPort.

New features not announced yet include the ability to specify whether a GraphicsPort object draws to the foreground or background rects, but this is of very little use for developers unless they’re creating a particularly crazy custom gadget. Secondly, I’ve taken the dimming hack from the DimmedScreen, tidied it up into a real feature, and added it to the GraphicsPort. This essentially makes the DimmedScreen useless, so I’ll remove it in the next release.

Download it from the SourceForge page.