Woopsi and libnds 1.3.5

The guys at devKitPro.org released libnds 1.3.5 today. For the moment, do not use this with Woopsi-based software. For some reason, this library breaks Woopsi. Woopsi locks up when it reaches the call to swiWaitForVBlank(). I have no idea why it does this yet; all I know is that everything was working fine with libnds 1.3.4 and below.

EDIT: Further testing reveals that DeSMuMe locks up at the swiWaitForVBlank() when running Woopsi. No$GBA ignores all input, but otherwise runs as normal. Ideas runs Woopsi normally. I imagine that this indicates changes in libnds’ code that aren’t emulated properly in DeSMuMe and No$GBA.


Quirky on 2009-06-12 at 10:31 said:

Are you using the svn version of Desmume? And do the regular nds-examples run ok? If they don't, then post a bug report with the nds-example .nds file on desmume's sourceforge page. The last one I posted with an example - touches didn't register at all - got fixed inside a day! There are probably more bugs like that in desmume's IPC code.

Ant on 2009-06-12 at 11:20 said:

I'm using the latest official release of DeSMuMe (same result in Windows and OSX). None of the devKitPro touchpad examples work with that emulator either. I've tried building from the SVN code, but it doesn't compile. Some more testing reveals that No$GBA 2.6 doesn't work with Woopsi, but 2.6a does.

Ant on 2009-06-12 at 13:45 said:

After creating another Windows VM, installing VS2008 and trying to build the Windows version of DesMuME, I've now got a working copy of 0.9.3. It works! Think the bug you found was the problem I ran into.