Woopsi 0.40 Alpha Released

A new release! There are quite a few changes bundled up in this release, all of which have been described in detail over the last month or so of blog posts. In brief, the important changes are:

  • Woopsi is out of pre-alpha and into alpha release;
  • It now ships as a library that can be installed into the devkitPro folder;
  • PALib support has been removed;
  • Improvements to the graphics API;
  • New test and example projects;
  • Lots of bugfixes.

Get it from the usual place:


Here’s a video of one of the new example projects. It demonstrates most the drawing functionality that’s available when drawing directly to a Woopsi gadget:

For anyone with a browser that can’t show H.264-format video tags, here’s a link instead: