Woopsi 0.44 Released

Time for another release:


There’s nothing in this release that I haven’t blogged about already, but here’s a quick summary:

  • Unicode (UTF-8) support throughout entire Woopsi system;
  • FileRequester upgraded from bonus folder to main library;
  • Key repeat events;
  • Text in TextBox follows cursor;
  • Dozens of fixes and improvements.

In addition to this, I’ve deleted the old screenshots from the SourceForge page and uploaded a couple of new ones. Hopefully any sites that report the news of the release will use those instead of the shots from version 0.21.

EDIT: Additionally, I’ve released the Xcode/SDL version of 0.44, for anyone out there developing on a Mac and needing a debugger.


Lakedaemon on 2010-01-26 at 21:32 said:

Hullo. I have experimented wih some kind of enhanced multiline box/layout manager… Here is a first demo :


Would you be interested, when it’s finished ? Also, are you going to integrate the freetypefont to woopsy/woopsi bonus?

There is still a lot of work to be done on this new gadget… especially if I were to code the append/insert/remove/etc methods (at the time being, I have only coded setText…. and a library change (mxml replaces expat) will be necessary for those aforementioned methods

Lakedaemon on 2010-01-26 at 21:33 said:

oups, the link is http:\www.lakedaemon.org\XMLRenderer.zip

leonel on 2010-01-27 at 01:44 said:

Nice work, maybe you should post it in the topic “Application Announcements” from this forum.

Ant on 2010-01-27 at 20:00 said:

Heh, that’s neat. Wouldn’t work with my R4/DSi, but worked with my CycloDS/DS. It might just be that the filesystem on the SD card has got screwed up.

Let me have a look at it when you’ve finished it and I’ll probably add it in, or at least put it in the bonus folder or make it an optional extra download.

I plan to get FreeType into the next release. Could you let me have your latest code? Thanks!

Lakedaemon on 2010-01-27 at 22:09 said:

A fully working 256 gray levels (8 bits) antialiased freetype font solution is available at http://www.lakedaemon.org/Freetype.zip It implements 3 classes (in freetype.h and freetype.cpp) :

a very basic face/font manager a basic fontcache a (8 bit) freetype font class

It has a working demo/example too.

In freetype.cpp, I coded (and tested) 4 different solutions for copying the bitmap produced by freetype into woopsy. You choose the one you want : The first is easy to understand The second is 2 times faster but maybee slightly less understandable The third one needs a 1kb array and might be faster (don’t know…benchmarking it would be good…) or not as copying the bitmap takes probably much less time than producing the freetype bitmap The fourth one might be faster (or not, same remark) but needs a 8kb array

(in doubt, I would choose solution 2)

Could we have a method to benchmark functions in woopsi ? It would be nice and help development (is there an easy way to do that ?)

There are lots of comments (woopsi style) explaning everything

There is onevery slight addition, that could be made to improve this release and to integrate well with woopsy :

produce a 1 bit freetype class (very easy…a flag to change and the copy bitmap loops to modify)

It would be less beautifull than an 8 bit freetype font, but it would be much faster and there would still have the fretype flexibility (user an choose their font, etc…).

I could do it, but I really want to work on the new gadget right now.