Simplifying the API Part 2

In a continuation of yesterday’s refactoring session, I have added a bunch of new stub methods:

  • onKeyPress()
  • onKeyRepeat()
  • onKeyRelease()
  • onFocus()
  • onBlur()
  • onLidOpen()
  • onLidClose()
  • onEnable()
  • onDisable()
  • onResize()

As with the methods listed yesterday, these are now the methods that should be overridden in gadget subclasses instead of the old disable(), enable(), blur() (etc) methods. I have made the majority of the old methods non-virtual (should that be “concrete”?) to prevent them from being overridden.

This has several benefits. Firstly, it is now no longer necessary to know exactly how the methods should work before they are overridden. For example, overriding the resize() method was particularly complex, requiring at least two dozen lines of code to work correctly, or a dozen if you’re willing to live with a redundant call to redraw().

Overrides of the new methods need not contain any code at all, which is a huge improvement. Not only are the stub methods easier to override and implement, but they are faster and more resilient too. Good news all around.

Related to this, I have added onResize() methods to the Alert, Requester and FileRequester classes. These gadgets should now resize correctly.

Finally, I’ve increased the accuracy of the calculations in the scrollbars. They were previously using a fixed-point calculation with an 8-bit fractional part. I’ve changed this to a 16-bit fractional part and the remaining glitches have disappeared.