Active TextBox and the Keyboard

One issue that still remains in Woopsi is the question of how the active textbox should be represented visually. One possibility that I tried was to make the cursor visible only when the textbox had focus. However, when a textbox is being used for input, the active textbox does not have focus; the keyboard does instead.

I’ve got another possible solution for this. When a textbox is clicked:

  • Flip the bottom screen to the top display.
  • Automatically open a new keyboard screen on the bottom display.
  • Automatically wire up the keyboard to the textbox so that the textbox receives input from the keyboard.
  • Automatically wire up d-pad events so that the textbox receives cursor left/right/up/down key presses from the keyboard.
  • Add a “close” button the keyboard so that it can be closed.

When the keyboard’s close button is clicked:

  • Close the keyboard screen.
  • Flip the top screen back down to the bottom display.

Thoughts? One objection is that clicking the textbox accidentally will cause the entire display to shuffle itself around. In that case, perhaps the textbox should have an “edit” icon somewhere? Or need to be double-clicked before it could be edited? Or should I not worry about this at all, and leave it up to the developer to implement their own solution?


Jeff on 2010-02-13 at 22:52 said:

I think that the screen flipping is exactly what I envisaged when you started talking about the keyboard. On the iPhone, they scroll the window so that the text widget is visible and overlay the bottom half of the screen with the keyboard. Having two screens on the DS suits this perfectly.