Woopsi 0.45 Released

Because I’m lazy, this post is mostly taken verbatim from the Woopsi thread on GBADEV.

Version 0.45 is now available:


This version includes TrueType font support via wrappers around the open-source FreeType library. Coupled with the unicode support added in the last release, this means that it is now possible to develop GUIs with characters outside of the standard ASCII set. Many thank to Lakedaemon for his work with both unicode and FreeType.

Instructions for installing the bundled FreeType library are included in the “Installation.txt” file in the source archive.

The release includes a number of API improvements. Wiring up the keyboard gadget to a textbox is now very simple. In fact, double-clicking a textbox now automatically shuffles the touchscreen display into the top display and opens a keyboard on the touchscreen. Closing it shuffles everything back to how it was.

The various click(), release(), etc, methods that needed to be overridden when creating new UI gadgets have been replaced with simpler alternatives, called onClick(), onRelease(), and so on. The shift-click system (in which the shoulder buttons work as modifier keys to enable right-click style functionality and a context-sensitive menu) has been greatly simplified.

The drawing API has similarly been simplified, and all drawing - whether done to a bitmap or a gadget - can now take advantage of the clipping system.