WoopsiGfx - A 2D Graphics Library

WoopsiGfx is a C++ 2D graphics library for the Nintendo DS, derived from Woopsi. It allows developers to create and manipulate bitmaps using a comprehensive set of drawing tools. It includes an extensible font system for drawing text to bitmaps, and features support for packed monochrome and 16-bit fonts out of the box.

WoopsiGfx can be used to draw directly to the DS’ VRAM. This is useful when the DS is in MODE_FB0 or MODE_5_2D.


  • Extensible font system that supports compressed proportional and fixed-width fonts (monochrome and 16-bit);
  • Animation class with support for variable framerates and standard/pingpong looping;
  • Bitmap class for 16-bit bitmap image manipulation;
  • Graphics class providing clipped, DMA-accelerated drawing functions;
  • Dynamic array container and iterator classes;
  • Object-orientated design for easy integration into other C++ software;
  • Simple API;
  • Unicode strings encoded with UTF-8;
  • Compatible with Woopsi font tools.

You can download a demo here:


The source is available as a zip here:


Alternatively, you can pull down the Mercurial sourcecode repository from here: